25.05.2010 14:28

BEKON would especially profit from a continuity bonus

The Association of Municipal Companies (VKU) makes reference to the great willingness of public utilities to invest in regenerative energies.  Currently, utilities are investing in renewable energy projects with a total output of roughly 1,230 megawatts. This represents more than a third of the municipal power plant capacities currently under construction or being approved. The Association of Municipal Companies recommends the introduction of bonus payments to EEC plant operators that succeed in directing their fed-in energy to the actual need. In politics, appropriate incentive systems have been discussed for a while under the heading of a “market premium model and consistency bonus.” Plant operators that prefer EEC sponsorship should receive a consistency bonus if they evenly feed in their power. Above all, BEKON plants would profit from this, since they are especially flexible and have proven to have constant production quantities.

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