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21.05.2010 14:00

EU commission urges use of waste for biogas generation

Environment commissioner Janez Potočnik has introduced steps to improve the management of biological waste in the EU and to promote its significant ecological and commercial use. The new strategy of the commission aims to use even more biological waste. 88 million tonnes of biological degradable garden, kitchen and edible municipal waste is generated in Europe every year. And it has a considerable impact on the environment. But it would also have considerable potential as a source of renewable energy. The commission promotes measures that release this potential, but leaves it to the member states to determine the ideal use of their existing legal requirements to select the best option in accordance with their individual circumstances. Potočnik: “We already have a significant stock of legal requirements for biological waste in the EU. But with better implementation and enforcement we can profit even more from biological waste.” The most promising approaches lie in biological processing with the production of compost and biogas. A rigorous redirection of biological waste from landfills is one of the greatest priorities.

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