Waste to Energy

Technology, quality and safety of the plants

View of digester doors.
View of digester doors.

The planning, conception and construction of a BEKON biogas plant takes into consideration the relevant statutory requirements and directives, technical rules and standards according to the current state of science and technology. In particular, we place great importance on sustainability and quality in the areas related to safety and construction. The statutory requirements for protection against explosions and work safety (ATEX and Occupational Safety Directive, etc.) are maintained.

As a market leader in the area of dry fermentation, BEKON guarantees the achievement of extremely efficient processes and ideal results (gas yields) thanks to the use of modern system technology.

Countless certificates and patents attest to our edge in know-how related to the efficient construction of biogas plants. Furthermore, we were able to gain extensive specific experience during more than 10 years of practical work that resulted from a constantly growing number of successful reference projects in Germany and abroad. Consequently, the name BEKON stands for safety and reliability with regard to the process engineering operations of these plants.

Additional information for our customers

BEKON commits itself to providing extensive training and instruction to the plant owner’s operating staff during the start-up of the fermentation plant, the commissioning phase, pilot operation and the safety check.

BEKON offers the operator regular support for the achievement of ideal operating results as part of our remote servicing.

BEKON provides a warranty for up to 2 years on the technology and 5 years on the construction from the date of completion.

BEKON can also become a shareholder of the operator’s companies under certain conditions.

Furthermore, responsibility for the entire operation of the plant can be transferred to BEKON. BEKON also offers the plant’s operator a separate support and maintenance agreement for servicing.

BEKON possesses comprehensive operator know-how from its many years of operating numerous fermentation plants and providing extensive guidance and support.

This leads to:
  • a high degree of planning and calculation certainty,
  • a very high degree of operational safety,
  • professional support,
  • efficient processes and ideal biogas yields,
  • sustainably low operating and maintenance costs

BEKON conducts ongoing research and development work in the biogas area and in the utilisation of substrate, both within the company and in cooperation with universities.

High plant availability, low company power consumption, low operating and maintenance costs with high process stability and the highest gas yields through proven BEKON technology are convincing a steadily growing number of customers in Germany and abroad.

In particular, the constantly increasing number of incoming orders confirms that the market has recognised the critical advantages of BEKON technology.

The professional construction of plants by BEKON guarantees you, as investor and operator, the sustainably successful commercial operation of our biogas plants.

BEKON Energy Technologies GmbH & Co. KG has successful references in Germany and abroad, which reflect many years of corporate experience in the area of environmentally-friendly energy generation with innovative fermentation technology.


Each of our dry fermentation plants is tested and certified by an independent, accredited expert in accordance with the strict European safety requirements.

Besides the safety check, the proper functioning of all relevant components and parts (machines, apparatuses, etc.) is tested against the current directives and standards before commissioning. TRBS 1201, DIN VDE 0100 and DIN VDE 0113 are applied.

The following aspects are particularly important for the first tests and the recurring tests with regard to safety and environmental friendliness:

  • gas safety
  • operational safety
  • electrical safety
  • protection against explosions
  • fire protection
  • water protection
  • emission protection (including odour and noise protection)
  • structural design (ventilation systems, escape routes, exhaust treatment system, etc.)

Detailed individual confirmation and verification is clearly documented in a complete report, which you, as the operator of the plant, can use the above as verifying documentation for agencies, professional associations and insurance companies.

Details views of a waste-to-energy plant

Agro-Energy - The BEKON DCF Round Digester

The biogas is usually dried and fed to a cogeneration plant for the production of power and heat. Its compact design with an interior percolate tank and fully insulated walls ensure that the digester consumes very little energy and approximately 85-90 % of the produced heat is available for external consumers.

Besides being used in a cogeneration plant, the biogas can also be treated and fed into the natural gas system.

Project management

BEKON Energy Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is an international company with numerous references in Germany and abroad. BEKON possesses highly qualified project managers and engineers that possess many years of experience in the successful design, construction and commissioning of complex technical plants. This lets you benefit directly from our profound process-engineering know-how in the biogas and energy area.

We are also ready to prepare individual maintenance and support agreements for the constructed fermentation plants at the request of our customers.

High safety and emission standards

All BEKON plants are built and operated in accordance with the current safety standards. Each plant is examined and approved by a safety expert before commissioning.

In addition to operational safety, we also place great value on emission protection. The main reason that there are such low emissions is that the used substrate has achieved a high degree of decomposition, which makes the potential for residual gas production from the fermented substrate extremely low. We also recommend a closed storage tank for the storage of the liquid fermented substrate.

The solid fermented substrate is intensely exposed to the atmospheric oxygen through fine flocculation, which immediately stops the residual methane production. The low-sulfur biogas and the standard Oxy-Kat for purifying the cogeneration exhaust result in emissions that are usually far below the limits set by authorities.

The best organic fertilizer – the mark of BEKON technology

The fermented substrate from the dry cycle digester is already mineralised and is an easily absorbable and compatible fertilizer for agricultural crops.

This can replace the conventional use of oil-based mineral fertilizers. The direct recycling of mineral ingredients preserves the earth as the basis for agricultural production and prevents gradual leaching.