BEKON office in Munich
BEKON office in Munich
  • 50 % of all global waste comes from organic origins and has led to significant harmful emissions.

  • The innovative BEKON dry fermentation is a revolutionary technology at the interface of waste management and the energy industry in order to solve this global problem (“waste to energy”).

  • BEKON technology facilitates both the production of quality compost and the energetic use of potential energy from waste.

    • The production of biogas from organic waste for the generation of electricity or gas injection.

    • Avoidance of methane emissions from uncontrolled landfills.

    • Production of alternative fuels from the organic fraction of household waste.

    • Production of quality compost and organic fertilizer from separately collected biological waste.

    • The result is a significant reduction in otherwise required landfill space.

  • BEKON is a technology and global market leader in this young market with billions in potential revenue.

  • BEKON technology is characterised by:

    • robust, sophisticated, simple technology

    • low investment and operating costs

    • high gas yield and gas quality

    • the highest safety and emission standards

    • 100% system availability

    • high efficiency and additional cost advantages

  • BEKON technology can be used with renewable resources in the agricultural sector. The first pilot plant in the area of “Agro Energy” was completed in 2009.

  • In 1992, BEKON was originally formed as an engineering company for environmental technology. Since specialising in biogas plants with dry fermentation in 2002, BEKON has built 14 plants and created 55 highly qualified jobs. The company anticipates ongoing high growth rates as it opens up markets around the world.