General contractor:

As a general contractor, BEKON is responsible for all phases of the plant construction, including its cost-effective operation. The scope of BEKON’s offer is determined solely by the customer’s requirements. Planning, designing and constructing a biogas plant is carried out under consideration of all relevant legal requirements, guidelines and standards and always takes the latest scientific findings and technology developments into account.

Technology supplier:

As a technology supplier, BEKON takes over the general design, supply of core components, monitoring of critical construction phases, commissioning and proof of compliance with the agreed service parameters. Other works are carried out either by the customer or through a general contractor.

Bekon range of services

Upon request, BEKON can also help you to find financing or investment partners. The wide experience that BEKON has gained from the construction and successful commissioning of numerous plants (see list of references) results into an excellent network of reliable partners and financial supporters.

BEKON designs each individual plant exclusively in accordance with the customer’s particular circumstances and land availability or as an expansion of an existing composting plant. Furthermore as an experienced partner with an established design team, BEKON takes care of all permit formalities.

Construction and commissioning
Thanks to the modular structure of BEKON’s fermentation plants, construction phases are clearly defined with manageable time intervals. BEKON takes care of construction site supervision and commissioning of the plant. Implementations are of course CE and UL compliant and in line with international ISO standards. The technology’s performance is confirmed by a test operation to be followed by a performance test run by BEKON.

Operational management
BEKON can also take over the operational management and monitoring of the plant. The focus is to maximize profitability, continuity and safety. The plant owner always has access to the plant’s performance data using the remote monitoring function via the Internet.

Maintenance, repair and service
BEKON offers an optimum service agreement with regular maintenance intervals and short audits. The main benefits of the BEKON technology are reliability, high cost-effectiveness and low maintenance requirements.

Long-standing experience
As market leader in the field of dry fermentation, BEKON stands for particularly efficient processes and high gas yields. Numerous certifications and patents prove that BEKON has the necessary Know-How for the efficient construction of dry fermentation plants. The steadily growing number of international reference projects is proof of the reliability of BEKON plants.
Thanks to its proven expertise and professionalism BEKON has so far successfully installed 20 plants in four countries. Further markets in the USA, China and Mexico have been successfully developed as a result of targeted internationalisation.