Generating Energy from Biomass

BEKON presents both an efficient and cost effective approach to the innovative generation of energy from organic waste with its BEKON MINI dry fermentation system. BEKON has recently added a new fermentation plant of this type to the existing composting and transfer station of KOMPOTEC Kompostierungsanlagen GmbH at Enger, Germany. The phased commissioning has already […]

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The next plant in Italy

We have been commissioned to build the next plant in Italy (Cozzo Vuturo, Enna). The plant processes 20,000 tonnes of OFMSW (organic fraction of municipal solid waste) into biogas every year. The electric power is 600 kW. The construction starts in March 2017.

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Market entry in France

Our company was commissioned at the beginning of the year to build the dry fermentation plant in Berneuil (France). The plant will process 21,300 tons of cow manure and renewable crops into biogas every year to generate 450 kW of electrical power. Construction work is planned for October 2017.

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