With effect as from 10 August 2016 Eggersmann Group, with its headquarter in Marienfeld/Germany (www.f-e.de), has taken over the BEKON Group. With this BEKON is now part of the well-established Eggersmann Group. In the future BEKON can therefor offer fully integrated solutions in the areas of recycling, sorting, composting, drying and, with the well-proven BEKON-technology, in waste-to-energy conversion from organic materials. We are convinced that on this basis we can offer our customers an added value and support them in their projects in a comprehensive manner.

Additionally, the three German BEKON companies were merged during the past weeks so that BEKON Holding AG (as previous parent company) is now the opera-tive company. With the merger all contractual relations of BEKON Energy Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (und also of BEKON Energy Technologies Management GmbH) have been assumed by BEKON Holding AG which will continue to be a trustworthy counterpart. In the coming weeks BEKON Holding AG will change its legal form from a German private stock corporation (AG) to a German limited liability company (GmbH) and will then operate as BEKON GmbH.

Concurrently the managing directors of the Eggersmann Group, Mr. Karlgünter Eggersmann and Mr. Thomas Hein, will take on the positions as Managing Directors of BEKON. The previous management board members of BEKON Holding AG, Mr. Ralf Sigrist, Peter Klessascheck and Tobias Bauer, will step down from their positions and thank all business partners of BEKON for their trust and loyalty over the past years. We hope that this trust will be transferred and conveyed to BEKON’s new owner, the Eggersmann Group. We are very pleased that with the Eggersmann Group we have found a new strategic owner for BEKON which offers multiple synergies and with whom your projects in the future, both nationally and internationally, can be supported and realized even better.

BEKON Holding AG
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